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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Night around town

Wednesday (25th) night, we drove around town. Left home around 11:30pm, down to Pali hill to pick up Sudarshan. Then, headed towards town. Past Worli, Haji Ali, then Bhulabai Desai road, turn off to Napean Sea road, up to Malabar hill, around Walkeshwar, the Governor's mansion, Girgaum Chowpatti, and stopped at Charni Road for Bachelor's ice cream.

Earlier in the day I'd had my car radio fixed, and figured out how to set the channels (by searching for manuals on the net), so we had music all the way through. Sudarshan had his MP3 player with radio broadcast, so he could play music on my radio through that.

Sarah and I shared a green chilly ice cream, ginger orange and coffee walnut. Jacquie stuck to her usual of chocolate, while Sudarshan went for a pomegranate milk shake. We asked the guy who served us to take a few pictures, but he was positively overwhelmed with Sarah's digicam.

Second round of ice creams and Jacquie had a black currant. Sudarshan, Sarah and I shared two falooda's.

After that had to find a U-turn to head back home, but kept skipping them till I got to the end of the land at NCPA. Turned around and went back down the length of Marine Drive. Wanted to go back via Malabar hill and hanging gardens, but the cops had set up a naka bandi at the road turning off chowpatti, so ended up doing the regular Peddar road route.

Turned off at Worli to go via the sea face, and then headed home.

Stopped on Cadell road, near Shivaji Park to fill up the tank. The HP guy also cleaned my wind screen with soap and water, so it was really clear the rest of the way home.

Had to drop Sudarshan back first, so we drove down to linking road, and then to pali, and up through zig-zag road to reach pali hill. Decided to skip Carter road, and took Perry road instead to get home.

Monday, February 23, 2004

LotR RotK

Went to see RotK on Saturday, along with the other guys from NCST. Yeah, the movie was good - I loved the action, and the sets were great. Effects were good too. I'll forgive the violations of the laws of physics, since this is primarily a time of elves and dwarves, orcs and hobbits, magics and faeries (also, I don't remember what those violations were).

Earlier in the day, I drove around town - just for kicks. I haven't done this since I was in college (only then I used a cycle), and it was mostly fun.

Started at Sion, which is where the only bad part of the journey happened. Just before Sion circle, a garbage van and a maruti 800 had collided. There may have been a motorcycle involved too. I couldn't make out.

Later, I drove past Parel, and turned off under a flyover. Reached Chinchpokli station and then went on ahead. The straight road would have gotten me to Jacob's Circle, so I took a left instead. Went for quite a while, and then turned left, only to get back to Jacob's circle. There's seven roads leading to Jacob's circle, hence the place is also known as saat rasta.

Then took the turn towards Mumbai Central, past Maratha Mandir. Went past, down towards Lamington Road, and then turned west. Got to Grant Road west, and went down to Peddar Road via Cumballa hill. Down to Bhulabai Desai road, and then to Napean Sea road and Priyadarshini park.

Up the hill, down to the Governor's mansion, Walkeshwar, Girgaum and then Marine Drive, took a U turn, and came back. Went up past the Chief Minister's place, and then to Hanging Gardens. Took a U turn under the flyover, and then back to Marine Drive and Regal for the movie.

Drove back via Napean Sea road again.

Yeah, fun day.

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